Gorgeous trad playing and creative vocal twists... a fascinating and intoxicating blend of the contemporary and traditional” - Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2 Folk Show
The most refreshing and interesting treatment of traditional music that I've heard in ages” - Jim Moray

Frankie Archer composes and plays with heart and sensitive curiosity. She started out surrounded by Northumbrian folk music, and draws deeply on this in her own fiddle playing, singing and writing, described by Mark Radcliffe as "fascinating and intoxicating". Frankie has travelled, taught, learned and performed in many different places around the world, enriching her style and musical identity.


Frankie impressed audiences recently after performing at Manchester Folk Festival/English Folk Expo in October. On stage, her devotion to the music she's sharing, combined with the exciting combination of fiddle, voice and live electronics, makes for a thrilling performance.

Over the Border, Frankie's debut single, was accompanied by "a kind of awe", Jon Wilks of Tradfolk wrote, and gained plays on local and national radio including the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Folk Show.

This was followed up by a powerful and original version of Alex Glasgow's Close the Coalhouse Door, bare, stark and demanding attention. Frankie's second single gained a lot of praise and airplay, described as "stunning", thanks to its "darker, more ominous feel" - Rick Stuart, Roots and Fusion. It was also chosen for the BBC Introducing Mixtape and hailed as “Extraordinary” by Tom Robinson.

"Enthralling" - Jon Wilks, Tradfolk

“Extraordinary” - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

"Breathtaking" - Neil March, Trust the Doc

"The most refreshing and interesting treatment of traditional music that I've heard in ages" - Jim Moray

"...proves the point that this is a fine time to be listening to new female singers" - Tim Martin, FATEA

"A fascinating and intoxicating blend of the contemporary and the traditional" - Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2

"Not many manage to sound so modern and traditional at once" - Adrian McNally, The Unthanks

"Gorgeous" - Shaun Keaveny

"Soothing yet haunting" - Lizzie Lovejoy, NARC

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Over the Border

Frankie Archer

I found this Northumbrian pipe tune in a manuscript. It's called 'Over the Border' and I think was about Hadrian's Wall. I got a slight obsession with the sound of this tune, and the idea of borders. How humans perceive and create borders which do not exist in nature, and what this means for the world.

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Live at English Folk Expo

Live at Cobalt Studios

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